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The Anchor Windlass: An Introduction

An Introduction To The Anchor Windlass And How It Works

Welcome to our introduction to the important topic of the anchor windlass. What is an anchor windlass? How does an anchor winch work? Is an anchor windlass fully automatic? We answer these and the most common questions that people ask when learning to raise and lower their anchor.

The Top Liveaboard Pros And Cons

The Top Things To Consider When Looking To Liveaboard A Boat

Liveaboard life can be a rewarding lifestyle but what are the pro's and con's? This beginners guide to living aboard a boat will help you decide whether sailboat living is for you. Our editor, Captain K lists the top plus and minus points about living aboard while keeping it real and supplying the facts. We answer the basics about living aboard a boat.

The Liveaboard Boat Buyer's Checklist

Checklist for buying a boat be careful when you buy your liveaboard boat
How to buy a boat? With this definitive boat buyers guide and checklist you will be sure that you are buying the right boat to suit your needs. Buying a sailboat can be fraught with hidden dangers. We aim to help you buy that liveaboard boat with confidence. Never fear, Captain K is here!

The Boat Sellers Checklist: What You Need To Know

How To Sell A Boat Top Tips #1 Make Sure It's Look Good

So you want to sell your boat but how do you get buyers interested and how can you sell your boat for the best price? This guide will take you through all the important things you need to know when selling a boat. How to present the boat for sale, what to say to potential buyers and importantly, how to behave during the sales process!

My Story: How Did I Start As A Liveaboard?

How Did You Start as a Liveaboard? This is my story
This is my story about how i got started as a liveaboard. How I got into the lifestyle in the first place. What I did to make sure that it was a positive experience and some of the mistakes I made. I hope that by reading this is will help you as an introduction to the world of liveaboard life. The highs and the lows of living on the water can be many and my initial experience was no exception.

How To Save Money And Retire As A Liveaboard

Retiring on a Boat sounds Romantic But How Do You Go About It?

Retiring on a sailboat is a highly romantic notion for some, but how do you go about retirement as a liveaboard? If you are thinking of retiring on a boat and need some pointers then this guide will help you think about saving and achieving your dream of retiring on a yacht or other liveaboard boat.

How To Grow A Garden On A Liveaboard Boat

How Do You Grow Plants On a Boat? We Can Help!

Growing plants on a boat can significantly enhance your quality of life as a liveaboard, but how do you grow things on a liveaboard? Whether you grow vegetables on-board or garden plants for decoration, growing things can give you a real sense of achievement as well as something nice to look at and decorate the deck with. Read on for our guide to growing a garden on a boat.

How To Get Started As a Liveaboard

What Is The Best Way To Get Started Living On A Boat? Ocean View

Living aboard a boat seems like an exciting and fun way to live, but how does the novice get started? What kind of things do you need to begin life on a boat and how do you make the transition from land-living to liveaboard? Our intrepid Editor Captain K answers these questions and more in our guide on how to commence your new life living aboard a sailboat

Things To Consider When Living Aboard A Boat

Living On A Boat Is Romantic Like This Sunset But What Else would You Consider?

Living aboard a boat can be a challenge but what do you need to consider when looking to become a liveaboard? Use our guide to what you need to think about when considering living aboard a boat. The romancing notions of being a liveaboard can overshadow the practical aspects but we discuss all the things you need to look at when wanting to become a liveaboard.

Living Aboard A Boat: What You Need To Know

Living aboard a boat as a liveaboard

Living aboard a boat as a liveaboard. What does it involve? What is it like? What do you need to consider when thinking about living aboard a sailboat? This guide for novice liveaboards explains the basics that you need to know to help you get on the right path when looking to live a life on board.