Adventure Into The Unknown by Roger Griffiths

A Book by Roger Griffiths.

My sailing adventure was probably initiated by a fear of going through life without any achievement accomplished.

I had no structured plan for were to sail, except to go south from Canada, through the Oswego canal, followed by the Eirie canal system, to find the river Hudson, New York harbor, Sandy Hook and finally sail the great Atlantic Ocean.

Then to locate the ICW (inter coastal waterway) to Norfolk, then the Dismal Swamp or an alternative route canal system south. Many close encounters occurred.

Unfortunately crashed into a fishing net system, on a pitch black stormy night , sailing towards a green & red channel lights, but net system had no lights. Resulted in court case.

Ended up in Oriental, North Carolina, and met a professor from Raleigh, spending a year with her. I Started to build house with her plans on her property out of town.

Adventure Into The Unknown : Introduction

The HMS Ark Royal Aircraft Carrier at the Plymouth Navy Day 1977 "Adventure into the Unknown" is Roger Griffiths account of his life and adventures aboard boats throughout his lifetime. Starting at the beginning of the 2nd World War, Roger tells the story of his youth in Birkenhead, England and his long association with boats, as well as having a career in the Royal Air Force. Roger's International Adventures are detailed along with a personal story about wartime and family. Here is the first instalment "Introduction to Adventure into the Unknown" ...Continue reading