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How To Save Money And Retire As A Liveaboard

Retiring on a Boat sounds Romantic But How Do You Go About It?

Retiring on a sailboat is a highly romantic notion for some, but how do you go about retirement as a liveaboard? If you are thinking of retiring on a boat and need some pointers then this guide will help you think about saving and achieving your dream of retiring on a yacht or other liveaboard boat.

How To Grow A Garden On A Liveaboard Boat

How Do You Grow Plants On a Boat? We Can Help!

Growing plants on a boat can significantly enhance your quality of life as a liveaboard, but how do you grow things on a liveaboard? Whether you grow vegetables on-board or garden plants for decoration, growing things can give you a real sense of achievement as well as something nice to look at and decorate the deck with. Read on for our guide to growing a garden on a boat.

The Boat Sellers Checklist: What You Need To Know

How To Sell A Boat Top Tips #1 Make Sure It's Look Good

So you want to sell your boat but how do you get buyers interested and how can you sell your boat for the best price? This guide will take you through all the important things you need to know when selling a boat. How to present the boat for sale, what to say to potential buyers and importantly, how to behave during the sales process!